BREAKING NEWS – New Beachbody Coach Here!

kristina-schneider-beachbody-coachIt’s official, everyone!  I finally stopped coming up with all of the reasons why I couldn’t be a Beachbody coach and I decided to bite the bullet and, in the words of Nike, JUST DO IT.

I am excited.  I am scared.  I am a bit overwhelmed and lost.  But, I’m going to do this.

All of my life, I have found that my desire not to disappoint other people to be far greater than my own desire not to disappoint myself.  I gave up trying to figure out that psychological mind game and, instead, I have decided to use that personality trait and use it to better myself (as well as others).  This trait will allow me to not only hold myself accountable, but to be persistent and committed to helping others along the way.

More things to come!  Stay tuned!

Questions or Comments?

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