Why I Decided to Quit Being a Beachbody Coach

Today I made the decision to quit being a Beachbody Coach and I will explain why.  It was tough, because I felt like I had already invested a lot of time, money and effort.  It was the reason why I created HealthyHapaChick.com, along with my Instagram account, Facebook page, and much more!  I had a group of lovely people who signed up with me and were seeing results.

So, why did I quit?

Well, one of the major reasons why I decided to quit was because it was very exhausting trying to really put into it what I felt like I needed to in order to be successful.  I wanted to always do so much more on my marketing efforts, recruiting efforts, coach training, reaching out to people, etc.  I just didn’t have the time to do it, while also coaching and supporting the people I already had, manage my full-time job and my responsibilities to that, plus my own weight loss efforts and my own personal life.  It was just too much.  So, ultimately, I was really struggling to get to the level of success I had wanted to see with the time, effort and money I was putting into it.

Another reason that I decided to quit was because I noticed that Beachbody® was starting to pick up its marketing efforts through infomercials.  While programs like P90X® were already on TV, it was really hard to see some of the popular programs I was pushing (like 21 Day Fix® and CIZE® on TV).  Friends I had talked to about it and that already knew I was a coach, just ended up buying these products late at night when they were flipping channels.  The infomercials not only have the product available on payment plans, there’s usually some bonus items they throw in and they never push Shakeology®, which is something most coaches are pushing because the HomeDirect® monthly subscription to Shakeology® is really where coaches make their money.  While I like Shakeology®, I would never say that it’s a necessary tool or supplement needed for weight loss.  Helpful?  Yes.  Necessary?  No.  And at almost $150 per month, that’s a really tough sell.

Lastly, another reason why I decided to resign as a Beachbody® coach was that while the Beachbody® fitness programs were definitely helpful in boosting my weight loss efforts (and even the food program included with 21 Day Fix® helped steer me in the right direction with the types of foods to eat), I felt that my weight loss success was really attributable to the combination of all of my efforts and all of the tools and resources that I was tapping into.  From WeightWatchers®, to Cardio Barre®, to now kickboxing classes, 5K’s, 10K’s and half marathons, support groups, challenge groups, and also a variety of other self-care strategies. All of these things were why I got to where I am today and I felt like being a Beachbody® coach was only really giving credit to Beachbody® products for my success, when it was truly all of those things. 

I am not ruling out Beachbody® coaching in the future.  I just was not ready for the time commitment I felt was needed to have this venture make sense for me.  I am still continuing HealthyHapaChick.com, because I love sharing my journey and I love helping others wherever I can along the way!  ♥