Focus on the results, you’ll never see the change. Focus on the change, the results will come.

focus-on-the-results-quoteDuring one of my first few meetings back at WeightWatchers®, my leader (Jocelyn) shared this powerful quote with me.  I doubt if then, which was probably back in 2012 or so, she was aware of the new campaign that has become WeightWatchers®—the whole concept of Beyond the Scale.

This quote really moved with me back then, as I took the time to jot it down in my Plan Guide.  This quote continues to stick with me, particularly when I find myself more caught up with what the scale has to say instead of what I am doing each and every day to get me to my goal.

For the past eight weeks, I have been leading a Challenge Group where we track each day a number of healthy habits: staying connected, water consumption, sleep, fruits and veggies, tracking or journaling food, resisting sweet treats and getting in activity.  What I love most about this challenge is that it’s not just food and exercise.  All too often people focus on just exercise or just food, but it’s all of these healthy habits that result in weight loss and overall health.  In the next Challenge that we are going to run, which starts on Monday, May 2nd, we have decided to not give so many points for weight loss (not based on the actual pounds, but merely on weight loss or not).  We’re focusing less on the scale and more on these habits, which I absolutely love.

So, if you’re frustrated with your weight loss journey, I would say focus less on what the scale has to say and take the time to really hone in and figure out what habits you need to do each and every day to get you to where you want to be and the scale will go where you want it to.