Seven Days of Why — DAY #1

7-days-of-why-day-1In our Weight Loss Challenge Group, fellow Challenger and WeightWatchers® member, Meghan R. started this thing called “Seven Days of Why”.  It relates to this week’s current lesson about finding your why.

This lesson is super timely for me.  I have been struggling on my weight loss journey the last few months.  I think it started with my tendonitis injury preventing me from my previous workout routine.  But then, when I thought about my why, I realized that a lot of my WHY was why I started my weight loss journey.  I’ve accomplished most of the goals and the things that were why I started, but they’re not the things that are relevant to me right now.

So, Meghan challenged me to participate.  This is going to be tough.  I went from struggling to find one new why to now identifying seven!  EEP!

My Day 1 of my WHY starts with that I just love how I feel when I’m taking care of myself. I feel like I am in control. I’m never miserably full, nor miserably hungry. I feel better about my body. My body responds to those healthy foods. I love how I feel after a good workout. I love all of it. And it forces me to actually handle the stress and emotions of my life–and without food. (WOOOOAH.)

When Kristina is taking care of Kristina, EVERYTHING is better. My work environment is better. My relationships are better. It’s all better because Kristina is feeling better about Kristina and doesn’t need to prove her worth or anything else otherwise to anyone.

Questions or Comments?

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