Seven Days of Why — DAY #2

7-days-of-why-day-2Another WHY for me is the 3 women in my life that have had the biggest impact, which would be my grandmother, my mother, and my favorite auntie Carol (my father’s sister). These women all have a very special place in my heart and they each, individually, contribute to my WHY.

MY GRANDMOTHER – My grandmother has always been a source of pain for me when it comes to my weight, because she was so critical of me at my heaviest. Through some counseling, I realized that a lot of her criticism came from fear. She had to bury her youngest son at the age of 36 (my current age). I couldn’t even imagine. When I realized this, I vowed to work my ass off to make her proud of me and not have to worry or stress about me or my health.

MY MOTHER – Along with above, I also never want my mom to have to bury her child.

She’s never really struggled with her weight and is one of those (weird) people that just know when to stop eating and won’t overeat, but I wanted to make my mom proud of me. And, if you know my mom, she’s my biggest fan. There’s no doubt in my mind that she loves me and is super proud of me!

MY AUNTIE CAROL – My auntie Carol is the one that brought me to WeightWatchers, along with her daughter, my cousin Courtney. She has been the one that has always been an amazing source of support, encouragement, and motivation. She has gone through the same struggles and has been an outlet for me to find someone that understands. We almost lost my Auntie Carol due to health complications and it was a wake up call for all of us. Her second chance at life and watching her still on her own journey to a healthier, happier version of herself keeps me grounded and motivated to continue to do the same.

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