Seven Days of Why — DAY #3

7-days-of-why-day-3DAY 3. A major WHY for me is that I want to be a mom someday.

When I turned 30, I was diagnosed with Graves Disease (hyperthyroidism), which should have been great for my weight loss, but it was wreaking havoc on my body. I had a resting heart rate of over 100BPM, I was sweating all of the time, and I became jittery to the point that I couldn’t even hold a fork or chopsticks in my hand to eat.

And, the more startling health concern came when it was discovered that my thyroid disease was also creating a great deal of stress on my kidneys and I had to read “STAGE 1 CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE” on my chart. My thyroid was being attacked by antibodies and those antibodies were causing my kidneys to spill protein. A healthy arrange is between 0-75mg of protein. My kidneys were spilling upwards of 5,000mg. I was told if I don’t take drastic measures to get things resolved, I would suffer from kidney failure and be in need of dialysis or a kidney transplant within 2 years. And, the most devastating news came in May 2012 when I was told that having kids was not going to be possible. I was at too much risk for preeclampsia and that there was a great chance of me needing dialysis after having the baby.

All of this was heartbreaking and I’m crying right now just reliving those very moments and all the emotions it created.

Over the course of the last 6 years, I’ve been to several endocrinologists and nephrologists. I was not a candidate for thyroid surgery or radioactive oblation. Instead, I was placed on the highest dose of medication to help my thyroid and kidney.

Thanks to my weight loss efforts, not only am I no longer on kidney medication, but my chart now says that my kidney disease is in remission. I no longer even need to see my nephrologist. I am still on a very low dose of thyroid medication and am being weened off VERRRRRRRY slowly from that (every time I get bloodwork done, my medication is reduced). And, my kidney doctor who told me my devastating news about having children also told me that he felt that I could safely have a baby. He advised a single baby and that I get below 220 (and ideally at goal weight) in order to do that.

I never wanted my WHY to be tied to having a baby though. In case, at my age and with my health, it just wasn’t meant to be. But, for me, it is important that my ability to have a baby not be dictated by my weight and subsequent health complications. *phew*

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