How to Get Motivated Again When You Feel Stuck

For the last few months, I’ve felt stuck in my weight loss journey. I think it all started in September when I got injured after the Disney Half Marathon (which was followed by Conquer the Bridge and then a basketball tournament in Las Vegas). I was diagnosed with tendinosis (chronic tendinitis) in my right leg. An injury I got from a lack of proper and consistent training for my significant activities in September and general overuse.

In October, I focused on my food instead. And despite having a week-long work trip in Washington, D.C., I lost 14.2lbs just focusing on my food!

But then November and December hit. I managed to maintain, which is good. I was going to physical therapy and taking a break from basketball and much of my regular exercise routines.

I thought January would be a reset. New Year, New Me, right? WRONG.

Two work trips, my birthday, and so many things going on. It wasn’t the start to 2017 that I had hoped for. It even carried into February. I was stuck in a place where my motivation was lacking and my general feeling about everything and everyone around me could best be described in this 3-letter word: MEH.

And then I just knew it. I was stuck.

What was I to do? I hadn’t lost my momentum like this in a loooooong time.

First, I sat down and made a list of things I wasn’t too happy with. My weight loss journey was certainly one of the things on that list. But, so was my work and even my relationship with my boyfriend. None of it was terrible. But none of it was great either. And the hardest part to figure out was knowing what was causing what. Was my stress at work impacting my relationship at home and then impacting my weight loss efforts? Or was I unhappy with my weight loss and taking it to work and taking it out on my partner?

It’s hard to know the answer to this. They all seem to potentially spill into one another. But what I did know was that I wasn’t willing or wanting to quit my job or end my relationship, which left me with my weight loss journey. It was truly the one thing I had control over.

The question remained: What was I going to do to change and pull myself out of this rut?

It was super timely that one of the WeightWatchers meetings was about finding your why. I was then challenged to do the 7 Days of Why, which was a very helpful exercise. I realized through doing that exercise that all of my why’s that I felt I didn’t need anymore are still valid for me and why I don’t want to go back to where I was. I also took away from my meeting that I needed to come up with a short-term why to keep me focused and motivated.

Definition of Insanity:
Doing the same thing over and over again
and expecting a different result.

I felt like I couldn’t be frustrated with my weight loss journey because I knew I wasn’t giving it my best effort. If I wanted to see a different result than I was getting, I was going to have to do something different. I sat down with my journal and wrote on the top, “WHAT DOES SUCCESSFUL KRISTINA LOOK LIKE”. I then started to list all the things that I was doing when I felt most successful with my weight loss.

  • Working out every morning before work
  • Going to WeightWatchers meetings every Saturday
  • Tracking every single thing I ate every single day
  • Meal planning for the week and going grocery shopping on the weekend
  • Drinking over 100oz of water per day
  • Cardio Barre and Kickboxing at least once per week
  • Journaling every day (or at least more days than not)
  • Going for a walk after my WeightWatchers meeting
  • Earning at least 4 Blue Dots for eating in the Healthy Eating Zone

These are all the things I did when I felt like I was successful with my weight loss.  I scrolled down this list and circled the things I wasn’t doing for whatever reason. I knew the big one for me was working out consistently. That was partly due to my injury, but it was also due to falling out of the habit of waking up early and sometimes using my injury as an excuse instead of pushing through.

I then made a game plan of what things I was willing to start up again.  I wasn’t willing to necessarily commit to every single thing all at once.  It wasn’t how I built up all of these habits in the first place, so it was unrealistic for me to put that kind of pressure and expectations on myself.  All I did know was that something needed to change and I was the only one that could change it. So, I decided to commit to working out consistently – – including my morning workouts before work.  And, this also needed to include a variety of extra physical therapy exercises and a lot of foam rolling of my leg.  And, to not overdo it, if I did Cardio Barre or Kickboxing after work, I would rest in the morning and use that time to foam roll and/or journal.

I knew that working out would kickstart a lot of things for me and that once I started taking care of myself again, that it would be easier to deal with the stresses of the other things in my life.

So, with the start of March and a new 3-Week Weight Loss Challenge, there was no better time to start than now!

And, it just so happened that I received an email yesterday with an article about how to stop feeling stuck. I was happy to see that I had done what the article said was needed to be done, too!  (Click here to read the article.)

I hope that this is helpful for those that may be reading this, feeling stuck and not sure what to do to get unstuck.  I think it’s natural to lose motivation and go through periods of feeling stuck in this journey.  The goal is to become aware of those moments and find a way to pull yourself out of them much sooner.  And there is no weakness or failure in being stuck.  The only true failure or weakness is in giving up.  And that, for me, is not an option!  #wegotthis #letsdothis

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