Motivation vs. Focus

I recently received this question through my website: Have you ever lost motivation and, if so, how did you get it back?

I had to really think about how to answer that question.  And then it just hit me.  I don’t think that I have ever lost my motivation; however, I have most certainly lost my FOCUS.  Does that make sense?

I feel like my motivation and desire to continue to lose weight is there.  It’s never gone away.  But my FOCUS on how to get me to where I want to be has most certainly waned here and there throughout my journey.  And, in fact, every since March, my focus has NOT been on point at all.

I am happy to say that I’ve recently been able to get it together and get myself refocused.  When I thought about what happened to get me to refocus and get back on track, I realized it was a compound effect of all of the following things…

  • I read my own article in the WeightWatchers Magazine, which helped bring me back to basics and realize that I haven’t gone walking, which was not only a form of activity that I was doing before, but it was a way for me to reflect and just be to myself and think.
  • I listened to Oprah’s Thursday session from July 6th, where she talked about not focusing on the scale and the results on the scale, but instead asking herself: “Am I living an on-point life?”
  • I found a short-term WHY (work event, wedding and cruise coming up in the Fall), which has been something I’ve needed since a lot of the “big picture” Why’s for me that got me into the door at WeightWatchers weren’t the same Why’s for me to get me to the finish line.
  • I started to realize that I lost focus of the habits for successful weight loss and I decided to truly focus on those things, because those are the things within my control (e.g. Blue Dot goal, staying within my Weekly SmartPoints or at least not going deeper than -25 for the week, fitness goals, like walking and doing the C25K program during my lunch).
  • Getting back into journaling and having those opportunities to check in with myself and how I am feeling.
  • The WW Focus sessions, which I signed up for and am doing each month to get through the entire year-long series.  This has helped me learn some new tools for checking in with myself and being more self-aware and, therefore, refocused.
  • I increased therapy sessions from every other week to every week.
  • Staying connected and in touch with my squad, while also starting another 3-week Weight Loss Challenge.

One thing I will add here is that throughout this time, I still made sure to get to a meeting every single week.  It was one of two promises that I made to myself relatively early on in my journey.  I knew that the moment I stopped staying connected to my journey by checking in with my meeting, that was the moment that I risked potentially quitting and giving up.  And that, for me, is not an option.  My other promise was to track EVERYTHING, every single day.  For those of you who know me, you know that this is something I am pretty religious about.  However, from Sunday, July 2nd through Tuesday, July 4th, I didn’t track a single thing.  It was unheard of and unlike me.  And, for me, that was when I knew I had to do something because I was walking a very slippery slope at that point.

I know that it might sound like a lot of things all at once, but I  think they’re all connected together and I feel like it was the Universe speaking to me with all of these different signs.  And, a saying that my leader, Jocelyn, learned from her own trainer: “When you’re ready, you’ll do it.”  And, in this case, I was open to listening to the messages all around me and actually (finally!) taking the action steps to do something about it.

Have you lost your motivation?  Or, have you lost your focus?  Maybe you’ve lost both!  Either way, the best thing about that is there’s hope in that you’re entirely capable of changing all of that.  The question is…what are you willing to do?

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