Letter to Little Kristina

Dear Little Kristina,

It is October 2018 and I have been reflecting on all that has transpired over the course of this year and working through so many things, trying to figure out why certain things have happened or why I do certain things the way that I do.

It was on my heart to write you a letter.  A letter that you won’t ever read in time, but one that is still on my heart to write you nonetheless.

I want you to know that despite what you might feel as you grow up—YOU ARE LOVED AND YOU ARE ENOUGH.  You won’t understand why certain people in your life will say the things they say or do the things that they do, but I want you to know that it had absolutely nothing to do with you.  You were brought into this world, perfectly made just as you are.  You don’t have anything to prove to anyone.  You don’t have anyone’s love to earn.  You are loved and you are enough.  Those around you did the best that they could do, even when it doesn’t feel like they did.  Some did not know how to love you (and others), but it does not mean they don’t love you. The love that they have for you is evident in many other ways.

You have always been independent and that will work in your favor in many ways in your life, but don’t be afraid to ask for help or lean on others too.  There are so many people out there more than happy to help you and you don’t have to be alone or feel like you’re alone in this journey.

And, lastly, BE KIND AND LOVE YOURSELF.  You are so damn hard on yourself.  You are the only thing that can and will ever be in your own way from getting anything and everything you want out of this life.  So, show yourself some grace when you stumble and be kind to yourself (you’re human!) and as Cheryl will remind you in February 2018—love the shit out of yourself.

Be your biggest cheerleader, because at the end of the day, people will come and go in your life and you are stuck with yourself at the end of the day.  When you are filling up your own cup and taking care of yourself, everything else in your life will fall right into place.  You will do amazing things.  Smile. Be positive.  Never give up.


P.S.  As you already know, you are loved so much by Grandma and Grandpa and you will have them both with you for a very long time, I promise!  So, spend as much time as you can with them and love them always (even when they can be hard on you!).

2 thoughts on “Letter to Little Kristina

  1. Eileen Volke says:

    I am curious…are you writing this letter to yourself as a younger child or is someone writing the letter to you? or is another “Little Kristina you are writing it to?


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