I’m Kristina and I, like so many, have spent much of my adult life battling what feels like this ever-ending struggle with my weight.  I am still fighting the good fight.  But, armed with a number of helpful tools that have allowed me to lose close to 93lbs (as of May 2016), I wanted to turn this journey into something bigger.  Something to help so many others also fighting this fight.

What the heck does “hapa” mean?

One of the first questions you might have about my website is, “What the heck does ‘hapa’ mean?”

The word “hapa” (pronounced “hä’pä” or phonetically “hop-aw”) originates from the Hawaiian language and was originally used to identify individuals who were half Hawaiian and half European heritage (“hapa haole”).  It has since been adopted and used to identify individuals of mixed Asian or Pacific Islander heritage.  My mother is full Japanese and my father is German (White).

Thus…Healthy Hapa Chick!

Questions or Comments?

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