kristina-schneider-runningWhen I first started my weight loss journey, I battled with activity.  I hated the gym, because I felt uncomfortable working out in the gym next to all of these fit and healthy people.  The conundrum of being the out-of-shape, overweight person that needs to workout at the gym, but feels like they need to become fit and healthy before actually using the gym (WHAT?!).

So, I made a few of my own adjustments and worked to find my own groove with activity.  At first, I started walking with friends on the regular.  Walking around the park, at the beach, around the neighborhood.  I signed up for 5K’s where we would walk and talk.  I would go up to the cliffs nearby and walk in nature.  And then one day, I was like… “What would happen if I ran?”  And those 20 seconds.  They were awful.

Slowly over time, I increased my activity and running became easier.  The next thing I knew, I was signing up for races all the time, including multiple half marathons over the course of 2015 and 2019.

In 2015, I also got into at-home Beachbody workouts using the 21-Day Fix program.  It gave me an excuse-free, 30-minute daily workout routine to stick with.  It helped me mix things up with cardio, strength training, and other lengthening activities like yoga and pilates.  I also got into barre workouts with my cousin and that worked muscles I had never even knew I had before.  I tried new things all the time. Zumba, Boot Camps, Crossfit, hot yoga, stretching/mobility classes, and more.
I eventually found my home with kickboxing.  What started at ILoveKickboxing (which has studios all over the country), eventually landed me at a local studio called Kickboxing Club Fitness.  I found my #fitfam.  And I realized very quickly that I was someone that wanted and needed the social interaction with group workouts.  It also led me to OrangeTheory Fitness as well.
All of this activity eventually led me back to basketball – – something that I had truly loved and enjoyed doing throughout high school and that I gave up when I went off to college.  I am now playing against and with girls that are 20 years younger than me and are far more talented, athletic, and in shape than I ever was.  It is scary and intimidating, but I am up for the challenge and know that these ladies are constantly making me better!