cardio-barre-redondo-beachIn October 2015, my cousin, Courtney, introduced me to my first barre class.  She had been bugging me to join her and I was slightly intimidated by it (read: didn’t know what the heck it was and what it entailed, but it was new and new sounded scary and new meant potential failure).  I finally decided to join her at a class and, well, it kicked my ass.

The timing was perfect though. At that point in my journey, I was open to something different and something challenging.  So, we set a date.  We started going once a week.  And, just as much as I started to love how much I was improving and how much I could start to see the impact of my hard work on my body, I also equally loved the time I was spending with Courtney.  It became our thing.

But, I promise you, we do more than take selfies.  So, you’re probably wondering… what is Barre?

Photo Credit: @CardioBarreRB (Instagram)

Photo Credit: @CardioBarreRB (Instagram)

Barre is basically a fat-burning, muscle-sculpting class utilizing work on a ballet barre to allow you to center and balance your body in a way that will allow you to concentrate on a muscle group that you may be targeting in class.  It’s extremely low-impact, so if you have any leg or knee injuries, it involves no kicking or jumping up and down.

According to the Cardio Barre website, the classes will help you “discover the ‘dancer’ in every day people, in every day situations to find balance in your life.” Yeah, well, let’s just say that they’re still helping me work to find that “dancer” that I am convinced never existed in this or a previous lifetime.  What I will say is that in that process, I have improved my form tremendously which has allowed me to strengthen, lengthen, tone, and physically alter the way my body is shaped in just 3 months of going once per week.


At The Barre Hub (@barrehub) with owner, Brittany Forester (@brit.jayne)

I went to Cardio Barre for a while until the studio closed in April 2017.  However, I was SUPER excited when one of the amazing instructors re-opened the studio—The Barre Hub.  What I love about this new barre studio is that they have also incorporated other types of activity, including yoga type of classes and are also looking to add some kind of barre kickboxing.  They’ve got some great intro classes for newbies and some other really great classes that incorporate yoga, pilates, and stretching.

Even if you’re not in the South Bay area of Southern California, check your local area for a barre class.  I challenge you to at least try it once and see how you like it.  It will help you sculpt and tone your body like never before.

If you have any questions or comments about barre classes, please feel free to leave me a comment below or contact me.

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