21-day-fix-beachbody-what-does-it-come-withI had long forgotten about Beachbody® after I had randomly purchased some Turbo Jam DVDs with Chalene Johnson back in 2008 or 2009.  I was never able to really use them, because my living room was too small and I had an upstairs apartment and I was always so worried about disturbing my neighbor below.

Fast forward to January 2015, my good friend (and now coach), Lauren, introduced me to the 21 Day Fix® (or “21DF”) program.  It not only was a fitness program, which Beachbody® was known so much for, but it also added in a nutritional component.  It contained  seven daily 30-minute workout routines (that were a mix of cardio, strength training, yoga, and pilates), plus a portioned meal plan that would help guide me to eating clean, natural foods (and the right amount, which was key!).  Additionally, I signed up for the 21DF Challenge Pack® which also included a month supply of Shakeology®, a protein-packed, nutritionally dense shake.  (And, I’m not gonna lie, I was very skeptical and a bit apprehensive about the whole shake thing, because frankly, I HAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE protein shakes.  Hate ’em.  But, I found my magic recipe and I’ve come to really enjoy mine—ask me about my favorite recipe!!)

The 21DF program resolved every single excuse I had about exercise.  I hated exercising after work, because I was often too tired, too stressed or worn out from my day, it was too cold, I wanted to spend time at home with my family, whatever it was. Then, you add the fact that the gym was 20 minutes away, and then what would I do while I was there? Would there be a machine available? Would I have to talk to people?  By the time I got back, the whole ordeal was a 2-hour commitment.  The 21DF program is just a 30-minute workout.  I don’t have to think about what to do.  I pack a variety of routines and exercises that work my body out in a much more efficient and effective manner than say sporadic trips to the gym with 60 minutes on an elliptical.  They challenge me.  They’ve sculpted my muscles.  They’ve really helped change the formation of my body.  I now do my workouts first thing in the morning BEFORE WORK and it helps me start off my day right and it’s given me more energy to get through my day.  Sometimes now, I have enough energy after work to get some more activity in!

From February 2015, which was when I started my first 21DF Challenge to January 2016, I have lost over 45lbs and am still losing with a combination of all of these tools together, but the biggest change for me has been a shift in my level of physical activity.

I have also since started looking at other Beachbody® fitness programs, including CIZE® with Shaun T.  I’m expanding my workout experiences, but I would still say that my go-to workouts on the regular are my 21DF routines.

In July 2015, I was approached about becoming a Beachbody® coach and I decided that I believed in Beachbody® products enough to help people that I wanted to become a part of that movement, so I have become a Beachbody® Coach and Independent Consultant.  UPDATE: As of March 2016, I have decided to end my time as a Beachbody® Coach.  I love the workouts and am a believer in the products, but coaching just wasn’t for me.

For information about Beachbody® products, see below:

  • Challenge Packs – Fitness (and some nutrition) packages that come with a Shakeology Home Direct subscription
  • Shakeology® – A healthy meal replacement shake that will help give you the vitamins and nutrition you need every day

If you have any questions about Beachbody® products—the fitness programs, Shakeology® and the nutritional plans, or getting some coaching (or even becoming a coach yourself!)—please feel free to contact me or drop a message below in the comments.  While I have decided no longer to be a Beachbody® Coach, I am still in connection with several people who are and who would be happy to assist you!

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