My boss always talks about the concept of mindset and how in everything you do in life, your mindset about it will affect the outcome. He surrounds all of his employees with positive affirmations and promotes the idea of a can-do attitude. We sometimes laugh (even cringe) at the different things that come up on our daily calendars but as I’ve started to get into coaching and really think about my own life and my own weight loss journey, I am starting to really believe that mindset is EVERYTHING.

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Should I Order 21 Day Fix from the Infomercial on TV?

21-day-fix-infomercialIn speaking with a number of potential clients about Beachbody products, I have found that many have already either ordered some Beachbody products, like 21 Day Fix®, from the infomercials on the television.  Honestly, that’s totally fine, too.  The important part is that they saw that a product was available that could help them and they made a decision to give it a try.  My only hope is that they actually put the program, whatever it might be, to use.  There are tons of resources literally at our fingertips, but if you don’t actually use them, they’re pointless.

While you are more than welcome to purchase Beachbody products from the infomercials on the TV, there’s one distinct advantage to ordering a Beachbody Challenge Pack.

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