i-love-kickboxing-redondo-beachIn March 2016, my former coworker told me that she signed up for a kickboxing gym called ILoveKickboxing just down the street from our work.  I had wanted to sign up so when I got their promotion for St. Patrick’s Day, I had no excuses to try it out.  It was 50% off their 3-class package to try it out and you got gloves with that too!

I remember walking into the studio wondering what the heck I got myself into.  The music was blaring, people were yelling.  Just watching the class before me, I felt very intimidated.  I suddenly started to question whether I could do this or not.  I signed all the paperwork for my first class and I spoke with Jaclyn.  I told her about my success so far with my various activities, coupled with WeightWatchers.  She didn’t scoff at anything like some people do.  She congratulated me for my weight loss so far and asked me how much more I wanted to lose.  I told her about 40lbs and she told me that would be easy for me if I committed to kickboxing classes.

I got excited and I took my first class.  The initial 15 minutes were brutal.  I realized at that very moment that my at-home workouts by myself without someone or others pushing me was not pushing me to my limits.  And once we got through the first 15 minutes of conditioning, the gloves came on and something amazing happened.  I started punching the bags.  I started doing jabs, jab crosses, left upper cuts, right upper cuts, left hooks, right hooks, right front kicks, left front kicks, right roundhouses, left roundhouses  and (while I’ve yet to do them), Jaclyn was teaching the class how to do Superman punches!  I was hooked!  I realized what a stress relief it was to throw on those gloves and punch something.  POW!

Needless to say, I fell in love and signed up right on the spot!

ilovekickboxing-redondo-beachThe instructors are amazing and so fun to be around – – on and off the mat!  They’ve done various events, contests, and even have a private Facebook group for our Redondo Beach ILKB family. I love it!  Thank you Jaclyn, Cassidy, Joshua, Aaron, Robyn, Kory, Sal, Meredith, and others!  I love and appreciate all that you guys do.  You inspire me daily, even when I’m not able to make it out to the mats.

If you have any questions or comments about ILoveKickboxing (ILKB), please feel free to leave me a comment below or contact me.  Also, check out there website at www.ilovekickboxing.com for more information about a gym in your area!