My health, fitness and weight loss journey is still a work in progress.  But, outside of weight loss, isn’t that always the truth for just about everyone?  That being said, here’s my story.

I’m Kristina. I am 41 years old. I am from Los Angeles (originally grew up in Torrance, live in Lawndale and work in Redondo Beach). I work for an attorney, running a side business he has that helps other attorneys with their practices. My primary role is in business consulting, marketing and sales.


Junior year of high school (1998)

My battle with my weight really began after basketball ended for me in high school. I stopped working out, I started working (at a restaurant that fed me as part of my job), and I went off to college shortly after that (which was an unlimited card to a buffet-style cafeteria!). The pounds flew on me like a magnet and the whole “Freshman 15” was more like “Freshman 50”, and I continued to gain until I was 100lbs heavier than I was in HS. After college, I wasn’t done. I then began the horrible battle of yo-yo dieting and I ended up at 302lbs at my heaviest, 120lbs heavier than my HS weight.

College Graduation (2004)

College Graduation (2004)

Since November 2009, I recommitted to WeightWatchers but then I fell ill in mid-2010. I was diagnosed with Graves Disease (hyperthyroidism) and it also landed me with a diagnosis of State 1 Chronic Kidney Disease (Proteinuria). I spent the better part of a year in a numb and blurry state of alcoholism, denial and depression. And then my symptoms got worse and my wake up call was when I was told if I didn’t do something about my health, my kidneys would begin to fail and I’d be on dialysis or in need of a kidney transplant. So I got on medication and began to try to lose weight again. I managed to keep the 30lbs or so I had lost off, but I wasn’t really losing anymore.

Then in 2012, I found my WeightWatchers leader and dear friend, Jocelyn, and my life was forever changed. I committed myself to her meetings. I found my dear friends Tanya and Bette who became a huge part of my support system. We did our first half marathon together in 2015 and I was (and am!) inspired by these ladies so much! I was still bouncing up and down the same 10lbs or so and knew I had to do something.

Then something just clicked for me in 2015. I found Beachbody’s 21-Day Fix program thanks to my friend m, Lauren. I started eating cleaner and healthier. The workouts were manageable and very effective. And the weight started to come off. I lost 40lbs in 2015 and another 30lbs in 2016. My kidney diagnosis is in complete remission and my thyroid is under control and I’m almost off those meds too!

I managed to maintain a 90-100lb weight loss for close to 4 years.  Following the COVID-19 pandemic, a number of changes in my life certainly began to take its toll.  From the passing of my beloved grandparents who played such an important part in my life, to taking on the task to go back and earn my Master’s Degree, to battling an on-going chronic illness that has impacted my daily life dramatically.  My priority has been less about weight loss and more about trying to maintain a healthy balance in all aspects of my life—work, school, relationships, and my physical, financial and spiritual health.

Before / During / Now

My WHY would be so that I can healthy and live a long, happy life. Regardless of what’s in the cards for me, this journey has taught me to love myself in a way I never have before. It’s why I will continue to push forward and take care of myself!

Questions or Comments?

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