How to Get Motivated Again When You Feel Stuck

For the last few months, I’ve felt stuck in my weight loss journey. I think it all started in September when I got injured after the Disney Half Marathon (which was followed by Conquer the Bridge and then a basketball tournament in Las Vegas). I was diagnosed with tendinosis (chronic tendinitis) in my right leg. An injury I got from a lack of proper and consistent training for my significant activities in September and general overuse.

In October, I focused on my food instead. And despite having a week-long work trip in Washington, D.C., I lost 14.2lbs just focusing on my food!

But then November and December hit. I managed to maintain, which is good. I was going to physical therapy and taking a break from basketball and much of my regular exercise routines.

I thought January would be a reset. New Year, New Me, right? WRONG.

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I’m Not Weak. I’m Smart.

This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to chat with my WeightWatchers® leader, Jocelyn.  I shared with her that I’ve been feeling stuck lately.  I have really been struggling to get beyond my 95lb milestone.

I shared with her that for the past few weeks, I’ve been sabotaging myself on Friday nights for no apparent reason. I come home and I’m on the hunt for anything and everything to eat. And, I find my way to the fiesta size bag of Mission tortilla chips that I always have in my house. And 90% of the time, I manage any temptations to over-indulge and binge on them. The problem is, when I do have those temptations to binge, they’re there. (And hallelujah if there’s also a block of cheese or salsa in the house too!)

For months (and, more accurately, probably years!), she has encouraged me to not buy the tortilla chips.  Every time she told me this…

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Seven Days of Why — DAY #7

DAY 7. Because this is who I am.

I remember early on in my weight loss journey at WeightWatchers, I overheard some members talk about being Lifetime members that weren’t at goal. That this was just what they did. I knew at that very moment, this was my life. I could decide if I wanted to pay for it or get it for free. But that there was no quitting or walking away. I was in it for life.WeightWatchers has changed me and it’s made me into who I am today. It’s my Saturday mornings. It’s my WW family. It’s my amazing leader and good friend. It’s looking up and tracking my food every single day. It’s tracking no matter what. It’s eating a balance of healthy foods and indulgences. It’s working out and trying out new activities.

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Seven Days of Why — DAY #6

7-days-of-why-day-6DAY 6. As we near the end of this Seven Days of Why Challenge, I have to say, it’s been a struggle to find reasons why. Many of the WHY’s I have shared are why’s that got me in the door and I, like some others have shared, am struggling to find the WHY that’s going to help me get to goal. Sometimes I wonder if I would be okay where I’m at. And then, I just know. I’m not.

My friend and WeightWatchers® leader, Jocelyn, posed these thought-provoking questions to me.

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Seven Days of Why — DAY #5

7-days-of-why-day-5DAY 5. I want to be able to wear what I want to wear and not be limited in my options. Throughout college and all of my 20’s, I was limited in my selection for clothes. I look at photos and feel like I was stuck with plain, frumpy clothing. There were plenty of stores where I was stuck browsing the accessories. I love that I’m able to pretty much shop anywhere and am even fitting in some of the cute juniors clothing.

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