Wall of Encouragement

I think you’re beautiful inside and out and have from the day I met you. I’m so proud of how dedicated you’ve become. This big weight loss stuff is not for sissies! Your confidence is shining from you like a spotlight! Keep up the good work!

Amber G.

You’ve been a HUGE inspiration to me. Thanks for sharing your ups and downs with all of us. I can’t wait to celebrate you reaching ONEderland.

Lisa G.

Your words speak to many of us. You are truly someone to look up to! What an inspiration you are🎉🎉. Thank you for always sharing whether it be something good or a struggle, you make it real 👏👏👏

Beth B.

You look great and what an inspiration you are to everyone!

Lynn S.

You are a warrior, you absolutely rock this and I admire you so much! Great job, thank you for continuing to inspire me and so many others 💕

Kellie C.

Keep sharing! Keep inspiring!

Michele K.

Thank you so much for sharing. Amazing. Period.

Michelle J.

These before-and-after pictures that you all are posting are very inspiring!!

Terri C.

You look fabulous darlin!   yes keep sharing, very inspirational to here others ups and downs on this journey! Your before and after’s are amazing..really shows putting in hard work pays off and without surgery 🙂

Karen H.

Thanks Kristina. It’s a good reminder that the journey consists of ups and downs.  Congratulations for sticking with it.

Cheryl D.